I am happy you found me and my zone of healthy, happy and free with D, the right place to be.

CCC … Chocolate, Coffee and Chat are my favourite. I can literally do all 3 at the same time and thats multitasking, right … even, we humans can’t actually multitask ;).

I am a small town girl from Ljubljana, Slovenia with big dreams, big heart, and big balls, sometimes a bit crazy but conscious mum, a loving wife, awesome friend, sister, and daughter and kick-ass mompreneur. She has a big vision and strong and powerful mission to bring ultimate health, happiness, and freedom into lives of 10.000 Women and Moms by the year of 2020.
My biggest love whatsoever are kids and my three daughters are my drive to set big goals, create purposeful and comfortable life without stress. Work-life balance is therefore extremely important and as an entrepreneurial-minded woman, I always had the vision to own a business, to have an opportunity to achieve my own dreams, not somebody else’s. To be able to work under my own terms, where, when and with whom she wants.

And gratefully I have a calm and loving man who supports all my crazy ideas and keeps up with girls energy in the house.


My business background goes back to 2003 when I started my first business with Fashion accessories retail stores. In addition, I complemented professional skills with a bachelor degree in entrepreneurship and postgraduate Master program in Management at Faculty of Economics University of Ljubljana. Additionally, she has studied at Stockholm University Business Institute, after she moved to Stockholm in 2013. A polyglot of 7 languages who loves the most language of love and gratitude.
I am passionate about helping female entrepreneurs achieve that ultimate work-life balance, to share their unique gift, pursue their dreams and have a positive impact on the world. I live and lead by D’s 5:5 rule: “Don’t spend more than 5 minutes on things that won’t matter in 5 years”. To work under your own terms without stress while balancing life and business, having a clear vision, strong mission, a massive action plan and guts to pursue your dreams is a MUST.
As a global Wellness and Business coach and Goal Mapping practitioner, I help driven, goal oriented women and moms to find their purpose, discover their mission and achieve a proper work-life balance where stress, overwhelm and guilt are no longer on agenda. Time Management Mastery, Productivity and Digital Marketing strategies packed with holistic approach will help you not only to set up BIG GOALS but also to achieve them by planning and focusing on things that really matter in life and business.
My Mantra: Loving yourself unconditionally is Health, Enjoying your work and working to enjoy is Happiness, living life on your own terms is Freedom.

If it doesn’t make you smile, change it!