I am happy you found me and my zone of healthy, happy and free with D. In general, I am a small town girl from Ljubljana, Slovenia with big big dreams, big heart and big balls :). I am a bit crazy but conscious mum, a loving wife, awesome friend, badass entrepreneur with big big vision, sister and daughter … and DreamCatcher.

CCC … Chocolate, Coffee and Chat are my favourite. I can literally do all 3 at the same time and thats multitasking, right … even, we humans can’t actually multitask ;).

My biggest love whatsoever are kids and all my life I was dreaming to have a big family.  My 3 girls bring me happiness and they are my drive to set big goals and to achieve them so we can enjoy comfortable life without stress. And gratefully I have a calm and loving man who supports all my crazy ideas and keeps up with girls energy in the house.  



Work life balance is therefore extremely important to me and spending quality time with people I love. As an entrepreneurial minded woman I always had a vision to own a business, to have an opportunity to be my own boss and to achieve my own dreams, not somebody else’s. To be able to work under my own conditions, where, when and with whom I want!

My entrepreneurial skills and experiences goes back to 2003 when we started with Fashion accessories retail stores. I have completed my professional skills with bachelor degree in Entrepreneurship and postgraduate Master program in Management at Faculty of economics University of Ljubljana. Additionaly I have studied at Stockholm University Business Institute.

Mom to mom has alway been my biggest motto and drive. Didi’s 5:5 rule is the best rule which can change your life.

One of my biggest passions is to help mums to achieve that ultimate work-life balance, to live life without stress. I live and lead by a 5:5 rule; Don’t spend more than 5 minutes on things that want matter in 5 years. To work under your own terms is a big stress-relief if you are clear enough with your vision, have a strong mission and have a plan and guts to pursue your dreams.

I help YOU establish a location independent business, a business which can give YOU both, financial and time freedom so you can spend time on things that are important to you! Or to help you do things more productive in case you already own a business.

If it doesn’t make you smile, change it!

As a global Wellness and Business coach I also work with amazing worldwide company which offers you a great opportunity and unlimited possibilities such as:

  • healthier and happier lifestyle by using our great range of aloe based products
  • earning an extra income or developing a brand new career within Wellness
  • meeting new people and travelling around the world
  • being part of an amazing community
  • working from home
  • work life balance, where YOU choose to work under your own terms
  • personal development and positive lifestyle changes
  • DREAM BIG and to achieve BIG GOALS with simple and doable strategies


Katie Skagerlind

I tried the Sonya aloe skin products and really loved them, especially the cleanser and the serum. I’m not sure I can live without them now that I’ve tried them. The balancing cream felt lovely on my skin, but I had to make sure I left enough time in the mornings so that I didn’t leave the house looking shiny as it take a bit of time to sink in.


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