From a Cleaning Lady to a World Changing SoulSister


It’s me. Lady D. A Butterfly Lady!


A soul, who was trapped for so many years (33 to be exact).

Then I started to DREAM bigger and my new journey began.

It was to be a roller coaster ride with the most amazing experiences.

Today I fly from flower to flower. I fly freely as a BUTTERFLY.

And am changing the world.

A promise that I will always be present and by my daughters’ side, is still so unreal but, yet, I am fulfilling this dream and spending so much time with my three little bees that I need to pinch myself sometimes. I make TIME for them now and I spend this time being a fully present mom.

But to achieve this, I needed to go through a very challenging transformation, have THE experience. There was a time in my life when I was literally a ZOMBIE. A HUMAN being with a soul which is lost. A WOMAN who is alive but not living at all. A caring MOTHER who did not take care of herself. A loving WIFE who did not love herself.


I felt so lost, not aligned with my purpose for exactly one year, which felt like a decade! I was cleaning houses in our first year after we moved to Stockholm. I felt so unworthy, humiliated, dirty… whilst I always knew that I have so much to give to this world. With all my respect to people who do this job for a living, I was not born to clean shity toilets. But that wasn’t the essence of the problem – I actually loved my customers and they pushed me to be better, to learn Swedish, to DREAM BIGGER. You know why? Because they were people with a heart and saw the potential in me, they saw that sparkling light in my eyes. Some of them believed in me even more than I believed in myself and that kept me sane for the most of the time. The problem was that people who paid my bread at the end of the day were humans without any heart. They didn’t care about my problems, my wishes or my potential. All they cared about is MONEY and this was against all my values, ethics, morals … against all my being. For me, coming from Human resources background, with years of entrepreneurial skills, education within management, specialised in new modern management approaches, the concept of human exploitation in Sweden in 21 century was the worst horror movie. Worked since I was 15 years old in Slovenia and yet, moving to Sweden to find a better job opportunity, I hit the worst. Ironically, maybe … Learning experience, definitely. You can read the entire story 4 YEARS in Stockholm – how did it go for us?.


There was one special woman who lifted me up and lit that sparkle in my heart. My mentor Anna Matti who was and still is my guide, my ass-kicker, my awakening power and my lifesaver. Not for a single moment did she try to be my boss and that was a turning point for me. I was sick and tired of bosses who were humiliating me, exploiting me, disrespecting me, draining my soul and insulting my dignity. I am so much more than average and Anna knew that she believed in me, from the very beginning. She and the rest of our mighty TeamForeverPower.

After having written 2800 job applications in my field of study, which is Management, even though I had a super qualified profile, cleaning was my only option. And I will never forget how grateful I was when I got that job. It was the end of 2013, my maternity leave ended, my hubby was unemployed and I have gotten an opportunity to WORK. That was all that mattered.

If someone asks me if I would go through that experience again, I’d say – Hell yes! It made me who I am today and I know that, whenever the going gets tough, I only get better and stronger.


To become a Network marketer wasn’t the choice I made in 2014 when I quit my cleaning job. I did that way before, 10 years prior, when I encountered my first direct sales company – Oriflame. And my beautiful mentor Jasna Novak Beguš who is a successful Face Yoga therapist today. Jasna thought me never to give up, no matter how hard something seems and whatever obstacles you encounter on your way to success. You can connect with her through her FB page Nature Care by Jasna. Jasna and I lost contact even before I moved to Stockholm but we recently got back together through the movement of Visible Women Worldchangers. It’s funny how life always brings together people with the same energy and common mission. Ours is to help people feel and look better.

Anyway, when I decided to start all over again within Network marketing, I needed to be convinced that this time I can truly change lives. I have tried the products out for myself first before I started recommending them to others. I was hungry and I was ready to become a Network Marketing Professional. But it all actually started by changing my own life. As you may know, my husband and I were struggling to conceive a baby for many years. Our chances to conceive naturally were minimal. But after 7 years of marriage, we were blessed with Ella, who is turning ten this December ❤ Five years later came Lisa, conceived with medical help, through an IVF and the came to the sign …


Fast forward, after starting to use Forever Living products, a miracle happened. I was pregnant for the 3rd time and now, when I have so many grateful and happy clients, I can safely say, It was all thanks to the Aloe vera gel and its nutritional benefits. Aloe vera is an ideal digestive aid since the cleansing and purifying qualities of Aloe are known to be great as a gastrointestinal help. And I am not exaggerating when I say that it changed my life by changing the state of my health. When I say that I am changing the lives of others today, I am not kidding either.

I had an actual proof that these products are life-changing. All I needed was knowledge to support that. So, throughout my pregnancy, I focused on educating myself about the products and the new business. During the past 1,5 years of consistent work, determination, goal setting and mindset transformation, I have built a wonderful client base in Sweden, Slovenia, Macedonia, Austria, Bosnia, Switzerland, Germany and Australia. I have started to build partnerships in Slovenia and expanding my team in Sweden exponentially. And I know that all new people who join our team, have all the tools to be as successful as I am, even more, way more. If you wish to know more about the business opportunity, you can read some key points in What is it all about and how does it work?


Actually, becoming a Network Marketing professional was just the base of the iceberg when it comes to my goals. I always had big dreams and felt I have a big mission to accomplish. This year I am finally making my dreams come true. I didn’t accept any excuses when recruiting and I was determined to only have diamonds in my team, diamonds who aspire to change the world together with me. “Motherhood can make you better” is the motto of a fitness guru, a controversial and inspirational icon for mums, Maria Kang who runs a huge movement called No excuse Moms. I have asked my prospects the question “What’s your excuse?” so many times that, when I actually got an offer to become a Stockholm leader for a training group of moms under Maria Kang’s umbrella, It felt surreal. But here I am today, helping moms to get fit, giving them advice about healthy food and giving them free workouts. It is still just a beginning, but it is an idea which will only grow.

Just recently, I got another volunteer position which will enable me to help people in need. As a Consul of Changemaker group, a part of InterNations, I will help with fundraising activities, collect goods for refugees, organise charity events and collaborate with NGOs. Everything that is happening is truly mind-blowing and I really still can’t believe how life turned out for me and my family.

You see, in essence, I am very passionate and enthusiastic health consultant and business coach who helps others to feel better, look better and earn a better living. By doing that, I actually make it possible for myself to be involved in more WorldChanging activities. My Network Marketing business gives me that income and freedom to be involved with all those charity projects and volunteer in peace. Not to mention – to do what I love.

And today, I just ticked another goal – I had my first speech about my journey in Sweden and my business here, in SWEDISH, which wasn’t perfect, far away from it … but that’s not the point. Point is that I felt so ALIVE inspiring other female entrepreneurs by my story. Felt fearless and am still under emotions and in high vibes of adrenaline. You will believe it when you SEE IT, said Dr Wayne Dyer.

See you soon, my darling world changer. Don’t forget to follow me and find out about my latest world-changing projects and ideas. Meanwhile, I am inviting you to join our Facebook female network where I share all my tools and skills to your Fearless Success.

Yours truly

Butterfly D


2 thoughts on “From a Cleaning Lady to a World Changing SoulSister

  1. Anna says:

    Dijana! You are such a fantastic Lady and reading this makes me sooo happy! It is and has always been an honour for me to be your asskicker, coach, friend and colleague! Keep up the amazing work to help others be their best selves! Love you Forever! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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