4 YEARS in Stockholm – how did it go for us?

O boy, 4 years already … 4 years of tears, breakdowns, finding our purposes, missions, doubts, etc … but in this 4 years, we have gone through a roller-coaster! It was a tough journey but we found our purpose and mission and our journey begins NOW and TODAY!

I still remember the year 2012 … It was a beginning of the year when we got a letter from Fertility clinic in Ljubljana that we are ready to go with IVF (in vitro fertilisation) process and we were totally excited. After a lot of tests, procedures, it was 8th March when they finally did the transfer of embryo and after 2 weeks we got a happy news that we will get a second baby. Blessed but also worried what will short-term and long-term future brings.

But before we received happy news about it, I decided to take our lives under control. I was constantly stressed out on my work, my husband was not satisfied with his work situation, so I applied for Erasmus Postgraduate program at Stockholm University, I decided to take a break from SLOVENIA.

Both news, about baby arrival and about my acceptance to study at Stockholm University, came at the same time and dates were just perfect. Baby coming in December 2012 and start of the courses in February 2013.


Fast forward to our final moving on 16th of February 2013 (some of our first experiences and impressions you can read here on my BLOG. We moved back to Slovenia in June 2013 where I didn’t feel at home anymore. We decided we are moving back to Stockholm for GOOD. To create a new life, better future for our girls and to try new possibilities.

Hubby started to work at his brother, Ella started school and we kind of adapted to our new life in Stockholm. Also found some friends etc. Very promising, right! NO, NO!

  • SHOCKER NR. 1 – Apartment we were renting on unterminated period was no longer for rent, we needed to move in  3 months! Hello, agony begins, finding accommodation is a tough cookie and with our income history in Sweden, no one would give us a place. Well, we found a really nice house to rent for 1 year.
  • SHOCKER NR. 2 – December I started to go to school and study Swedish and my hubby lost his job. JOB hunting for me – a joke right! After 2800 applications for the job, with postgraduate studies in Stockholm, speaking 5 languages, having international experiences as an entrepreneur and HR specialist I was INCOMPETENT and UNEMPLOYABLE in my field. Without being fluent in Swedish I could only dream of a job as an HR manager or be sitting in an office. So, I started to work as a cleaner of private homes in February 2014 …


let’s just say, if I could erase something from my life it would be the whole year 2014. I was struggling at my job as a cleaner, obviously not because I was overqualified for the job, but simply because I was so tired and frustrated, had no feeling I’m ALIVE (a damn walking zombie) – life was just passing through me! I even started a cleaning company with a very good friend (at least I thought she was), which didn’t turn out to a good idea. Lost a friend and learnt a good lesson.

And mission search for new accommodation started again, way sooner as expected, in June 2014, despite we had a contract to the end of the year. Well, luckily we found a house in the close area, didn’t need to switch school and preschool for girls.


As I was always a very positive person, this period was absolutely killing me and there was every single day I cried at my job and wondered – Is this what I came for? All I ever wanted it was a possibility to be present with my kids and to give them all they needed – a loving home. As a tired mommy cleaner, all I could do is give them a good night kiss and a promise that I will be a better mommy soon. Everyone around me was telling me, the beginning is always tough but my soul was crying … bullshit, it doesn’t need to be hard if you have the courage and you want to change your life. As I’m writing this, my tears are running, but at the same time, I’m reminding myself: “If I survived all this, there is only one way out! As a winner!”

Well, the year 2014 brought also a lucky star in my life – now my coach, mentor and a great friend Anna Matti, who is successfully running 2 businesses MATT I KROPPEN and HEALTH PRO ACADEMY. In November 2014, Anna reached out to me as a mom who helps other English speaking moms in Sweden to live healthier and wealthier, as a professional network marketer. Back then I haven’t fully grabbed the opportunity, as I previously worked with different Network marketing companies which didn’t work out too good (for me at least).



My favourite business owner and motivator

 After a while, I agreed to meet with Anna and take a look at the opportunity, still working at the cleaning company. I haven’t seen the potential of the business but I found my 3 life-saving products; Aloe Vera GelAloe Propolis cream and Aloe heat lotion. Aloe drinking gel kept me energised, helped with my fatigue and better function of digestive system, Propolis cream did magic to my dried hands, they were bleeding through the cracked skin, all due to the winter conditions and constant contact with water, and Heat lotion helped me to heal my feet and backache.

February 2015 – So, one day I just couldn’t stand anymore, I wrote a resignation paper and said GOODBYE to the LADY in BLACK! I still had a one month cancellation period but I felt like a HERO.

  • GOOD NEWS NR. 1 – After a week I’ve got a job as a Mother language teacher in Bosnian and I still work there and I love working with kids.



Paulo Coehlo – if I wouldn’t read his books, I would do something stupid 😉










May 2015 – the First big inspirational event within Forever Living products and start my new career. All I can say is WOW! Well, after the event I went home laughing, smiling, flying and being totally overloaded with good positive energy. The company that gathered around 500 people with same purpose, mission and vision – to #lookbetter and to #feelbetter, and to help others to do the same. How? You can read on my previous BLOG and maybe you find it interesting, stupid, hilarious … it doesn’t mean if it works for me that it will work for you as well … but how could you know, if you haven’t tried it, right?

11 enthusiastic ladies from our team, that not only inspired me but also became my close friends and co-workers ❤

So, I went home after the event and put cards on the table for my husband. We bought our Business in the box which totally changed our lives, personally and professionally.

June 2015 – pregnancy nr. 3. Really? After 2 home tests and 2 at healthcare provider, it was confirmed. We will have another baby. Not blessed but blown away by the news since we had problems with fertility and conceiving. So I started to dig up researchers about magical plant and L-arginine. More testimonials and customers experience HERE.

2016 – A YEAR TO REMEMBER! #goodthingsonly

As I was researching all about our company FOREVER Living Products under 2015 and enjoying my pregnancy, I’ve got more and more clear what I want to do in future and who are my main focus target. MOMS, who need more time with family, MOMS, who need extra income, MOMS who want to improve their health and lifestyle.

BEGINNING of the year – So, after baby Zara was born in January 2016, I started to network with moms in the area and started helping them to create a location independent business.

“A business which can provide YOU both, financial and time freedom, so you can spend time on things that are important to YOU!”

My business started expanding, not only in Sweden and Slovenia but also worldwide, Germany, Austria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Croatia and even Australia.

END OF THE YEAR – Time to decide how much workload I will work on my regular teaching job. Full time was never an option because I wanted to stay at home with all three kids as much as possible, so we decided to take a step further – NEW BUSINESS!


Ever since we moved to Sweden we were thinking about starting a food business. And here we are, 1st of March we are launching our creperie. ParEntrepreneurs back in the game! With great vision, with a positive mindset, with great focus and with a great plan. This time we are aiming for the stars!

Find out what we are up to at ELLIZA and follow us on FB and Instagram. Show us support by sharing, liking and recommending our social media channels.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from Llugolli family, but in the meantime, SHARE LOVE and BE HAPPY. You only live once!


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