What is it all about and how does it works?

I have started my Forever Business 1 year ago in May 2015 very slowly by learning everything about our new business opportunity, but however this year after having our 3rd baby in January, I have really focused on my goals and making plans for MY future and my family’s future.

Before you scroll down to common Q/A I have 3 questions for you, and answer them honestly to yourself.

  1. What have you always wanted to do but been afraid to do?
  2. If you knew you could not fail what goal would you dare to set yourself?
  3. What would 200 € per month mean to your family if you could earn them by working additional 10-15 hours per week?

Last month, month of July, I’ve got so many questions about our business and opportunity and I have decided to share a few simple Q/A about our opportunity and by explaining who should be actually working with me and my global team.

  1. First question which is always popular when you mention Network marketing: IS THIS A SCAM? I would never in my life try to scam someone. We are working with amazing Wellness, Fitness and Beauty products and company is approved by Direct Selling Association. That means everything is legal and scams, as far as I remember, are not legal.
  2. Second question would be: IS IT A PYRAMID SCHEME? If you mean by that, people on the TOP making money, taking long vacations, driving luxury cars, taking all the company profit etc., while people on the bottom are working hardest for “get through the month” salary? That is a traditional corporate business and we are working in line of business where everyone has potential to earn as much as he/she wants – even more than the person who has actually introduced him a business opportunity.
  3. YOU ARE MAKING MONEY FROM ME? I’m not paid by individuals who join my team whilst I’m working to make money WITH YOU and paid by owner of the company.
  4. WHEN WILL IT BENEFIT ME? We are using great tools and step by step I’m guiding you to make success but with your own tempo and under your own terms. I can show you, I can guide you, I can coach you and inspire you, but it is all up to you. And remember: THIS IS NOT A GET MONEY QUICK OPPORTUNITY, it requires your full focus, your heart, soul and 100% determination.
  5. WHAT DO I NEED TO INVEST? The only thing that requires from you, is TIME and dedication.
  6. I KNOW PEOPLE WHO HAVE DONE SIMILAR BUT DIDN’T MAKE ANY SUCCESS! I know them too, but those people really didn’t give it an honest try and they weren’t prepared to dig up into work. This business works ONLY if you WORK, you will have 24/7 support and coaching from me and my team, and all the tools you need to success. It’s really UP to YOU!
  7.  EXCEPT THE TIME AND DEDICATION, ANY OTHER REQUIREMENTS? Yes, reprogrammed mindset. Visualising big goals, stepping out from your comfort zone, self development. The only way to earn big money is when you are so passionate about your business, that nothing can’t stop you and you will never give up.

So, if you are:

✔ Committed to helping and inspiring others
✔ Willing to learn a new profession
✔ Doer who never gives up
Able to free up 10-15 hours a week for your new business and follow the plan.

If you can say yes to all of the above and would like to earn extra money or build a career alongside me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Grab this opportunity with both hands and contact me TODAY.

Don’t let go off your dreams, let your fears become actions.

Do you want to be successful?

Updated on 7/7/2017 – read more about NETWORK MARKETING, you just might be surprised by this. 

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