Essential oils for every day and every home

Product of July Month are essential oils and the fact that I’m really in love with them and that I use them each and every day, I started LIVE video blowing on my FB page Lifestyle by Dijana. I’m posting LIVE videos every day how to use essential oils in everyday situation. It’s easy, It’s fun and it’s natural.

The reason I started daily live blogging on FB with Essential oils tips for every day is:

  1. to raise awareness how versatile essential oils are and usable in every day life situation
  2. to collect as much as possible orders for contributing to children with cancer.

In July Forever Living Scandinavia is donating part of each sold pack to Barncancerfonden – organisation for kids with cancer. HELP us HELP, you can buy our 3-pak in my Online shop.

I do different mixture for bugs free home, repellents, hair enchanters, I use them in cooking and cleaning and off course as aromatherapy and therapeutical purposes.

Me and Baby Zara are having fun trying out Mosquito repellent 

Now is the time to relax and reload your batteries. To live in the present. Let our Essential Oils Tri-Pak fill your mind with harmony. The fragrances of peppermint, lemon and lovely lavender is the perfect touch for your relaxation moment.

Discover more about our best and purest Essential oils HERE.

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